Persuasion is Dead

Sellers are no longer trusted. 

Potential customers react negatively to outreach -- even when they do need help.

What's going on?

It's not your template.

It's how you think about communicating.

Result: Too many meeting requests and pushing "value."

Not enough engagement.

Persuasive strategies are killing sales outreach and brands.

There is a new way. 

Empower people to convince themselves.

You don't see this. 

Customers see education, offering value and help as a ploy to sell.

You don't see it. But they do. This is your blind spot.

Too often, they experience “I’m here to help” as "I'm here to sell."

This repeated pattern creates distrust.

Yet there is a new way to engage others.

Get them curious. 

New rule: Never try to persuade anyone of anything.

Today's customers will convince themselves.

The key to engaging them is facilitating an urge -- to begin convincing themselves.

It starts with getting them curious. Pulling, creating intrigue. 

Customers instinctually value more what they ask for -- less what is freely offered

Persuasion is a push. Curiosity pulls.

Together, we'll learn to.

  • Help prospects convince themselves.
  • Earn attention, stand out from the noise.
  • Overcome the active dis-interest of others.
  • Get asked to go forward by sparking curiosity.
  • Earn respect by presenting as an equal.
  • Present choice rather than calls-to-action.
  • Foster introspection, avoid persuasion.
  • Say less and get more attention.

Change starts with you.

Business relationships start with interruptions.
There's no escaping it.

Your ability to start and advance conversations demands exceptional communication skills.

Not persuasive hacks, pushing people away.

Instead, explore why certain words attract.

Pull. Spark curiosity.

Confidence says it all

I’ve doubled my response rate thanks to your coaching. It’s around 80% now. I’m still adjusting to talk less about us and more about the customer… especially focusing on what their competitors are doing with us. This is a bit more conversational and less salesy. I never ask for a meeting straight away and this is also helping.

Lucy Merrick - MODULR

As my company launches a new offering, we found ourselves stuck for email copy. We knew we had to stand out & create curiosity to get hands raised. We didn't want someone to just hand us the fish, but teach us how to fish. Thanks to the Spark principles we know our nets will be filled on a consistent basis.

Brynne Tillman - CEO, Social Sales Link

Jeff, you give me and my team confidence... the ability to know what other sellers are doing, how they are changing and improving results. Your course and membership is giving us a 360-degree view of effective sales communication practices, across multiple industries.

Brian Berlin - Director of Sales - Augusoft

My name is Jeff Molander. I am on a mission to transform how you communicate with customers. I'm a life long learner, addicted to understanding what makes people want to start conversations with strangers. When I'm not working you'll find me hiking, fishing and with my family.

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