Sales conversations: Not KPIs

We exist to study and teach the most current, effective conversation-starting tactics. 

We help you:

  1. Get attention of decision-makers;
  2. spark their curiosity -- create and forward conversations;
  3. add 'high probability' opportunities to pipeline.

We know what's working—right now—to start client conversations.

We want to share and practice better ways to start conversations with you. 

Organizations will

  • create a prospecting (hunting) culture
  • reduce "no decisions" & stagnant pipelines
  • shorten buying cycles & shape the RFP
  • lower cost of sales & increase contribution to margin
  • increase revenue per deal
  • discover emerging (effective) tactics from our clients

Sellers will

  • start executive/C-level discussions faster 
  • be distinct—stand out from noise & competitors
  • discover new conversation-starting techniques
  • become aware of self-defeating communication habits