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spark selling academy testimonial

At first I wasn't convinced...

I thought 'who are these guys and are they legitimate?' I followed for about a year, then began to see our prospects' behavior was changing--and fast. I still hesitated. Because I still didn’t want to pay for advice I was getting free via LinkedIn posts, blogs. 

But then I invested, joined a workshop... and saw how to transform messages right before my eyes... short, snappy, focused, hard-hitting emails. Today my team is better at prospecting because they are believing in the idea of provocation. I'm glad to continue investing in your membership.

Skip Freeman


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We reinvented ourselves.

At first I was skeptical. I’ve hired a lot of consultants. You are the first to grasp my business and target buyer. My team is applying Spark Selling across all areas of customer interaction. Results have been tremendous as we call on Fortune 500 call center executives.

Nick Jiwa, CEO

CustomerSErv USA

communications edge review

No more log jams.

The training with my team is yielding appointments with clients we had stuck in log jams. This is proving to be a wise investment. Communications Edge has a permanent place as a valued partner in i-Path’s selling strategy. I look forward to continuing the momentum into a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Rick Stefany Sr., Co-founder

i-path media

Mark Sneider

Your approach is unorthodox but...

Jeff, you were the first willing to invest time... understand our business and engage with my team prior to the live keynote & workshop.

It made our time together highly productive. Your approach is unorthodox, but has already proven to deliver meetings for us.

Mark Sneider, Founder & President


jeff molander review

Finally, they're enjoying prospecting.

It’s not seen as a chore anymore. My team is more productive thanks to their newfound outreach technique. They're getting more and better responses from buyers. Thanks, Jeff.

Massood Zarrabian, CEO

BA Insight

communications edge review

It was painful.

I was “that guy” (I didn’t want to be) in everyone’s inbox. Because my old messages generated (small) results I stuck by them -- like some kind of kids blanket I couldn't let go of. Even though I knew it was filthy, full of holes and fit for the trash... and screamed desperation.

Jeff, your (and the community's) tough love were enough to make me change. Once the results came I realized -- I would no longer be “that guy” and neither would my team!

Six months ago I opened conversation with a prospect using a classic Spark technique. Today they signed a large, three year framework agreement. This is my biggest win to date. Thanks, Jeff.

Jeff Castle, Biz. Dev. Lead

Ambipar response

communications edge review

We're more confident, productive.

Jeff, you give me and my team confidence... the ability to know what other sellers are doing, how they are changing and improving results.

Your course and membership is giving us a 360-degree view of effective sales communication practices, across multiple industries.

Brian Berlin, Dir. of Sales


Sales reps

jeff molander review

80% response rates.

My follow-up email response rate went from 20% to 80%.

This is a simple technique to get response from prospects … to move toward closing faster.

Brad Freels, Account Exec.

BA Insight

jeff molander review testimonial

Skeptical at first.

At first I was skeptical. But collaborative interaction with like minded professionals is always going to be the better way to get conversations started with customers.

The difference between the Spark Selling Academy and other sales training options is community.

Justin Cromer, Dir. of Sales

Event management solutions group

spark selling academy review

2X'ed qualified meetings.

This method doubled my qualified meetings. I'm getting more response from prospects thanks to not asking for meetings in the first touch email. Sometimes I'm getting more information back … about where the buyer is in the consideration process … than I would in a meeting. Even when the reply shows latent need for our solution it helps me prioritize the follow-up.

Mike Shine, Sales Engineer

ba insight

jeff molander testimonial

Doubled my response rate.

I’ve doubled my response rate thanks to your coaching. I would say it’s at 80% now. I’m adjusting to talk less about us and more about the customer… especially focusing on what their competitors are doing with us. I think this is a bit more conversational and less salesy. I never ask for a meeting straight away and this is also helping.

Lucy Merrick


spark selling academy review

More C-suite conversations.

You transformed how I communicate. Not only to customers; other people in my organization. I need to get as close to the top of the C-suite as I can. The tools you gave me achieve an 80% reply rate to emails that I send to customers seeking participation in our program. So, whether you are in sales, service or marketing, your process is one that is highly effective and successful. Thanks Jeff.

David Vey, Customer Success Mgr.


spark academy testimonial

You're not just some blogger.

When it came time to decide which program to invest in I hesitated. There are many sales training programs online. Yours stood out because Communications Edge isn't just some blogger providing templates. You are providing roadmaps to success – based on what's currently working. I tested one of your follow-up methods and it worked immediately.

Laura Goldberg, Broker


spark selling testimonial review

Burned by charlatans

Jeff, I would not have invested if I had not been convinced you were not a charlatan. I have tried a few other sales training platforms and have been very disappointed, even from relatively well-known people. I've been burned. The principles I learned at the Spark Academy are working. I'm the sole BD person in a small Scottish consultancy. I went from 25% response rate to around 80%. Mind you, not all of those are positive, but I am getting engagement from C-Suite execs who my managers had been targeting for years to no avail. The method works across cultures (with some adjustments) as 75% of my prospects are non-native English speakers from across Europe and Latin America (it works in Spanish as well!). Thanks!

Pablo Levi, International Programs Development Mgr.

Juran Benchmarking

Demand Generation

communications edge review

Within a few weeks of coaching my whole marketing & demand gen team is writing stronger, more provocative copy. We are becoming customer-centric writers.

Kristen Wilson, Sr. Dir. Demand Gen

CA technologies

jeff molander review

Our previous inbound lead reply rate was 4.59%. Now, it's averaging 35%. That's a 700% increase, and we haven't peaked yet. Soon we’re implementing phone calls and voicemails to go higher. My goal is 80% open and 50% plus reply rates. I'm confident we're going to do it. It all started with your fresh, new tactics Jeff. Thanks.

Adam Breitenstein, Ecommerce Dir.


Small business

jeff molander review

I was concerned about learning something new from you... or if the messages philosophies may be too 'American' for my Israeli market/business culture. However, the change in my response rate is 60-70% better. I'm generating more meetings -- by not asking for them. This sparks curiosity. I'm also having more success with prospects who disappeared after showing initial interest. It's becoming enjoyable to write brief, blunt and basic messages. Thanks, Jeff.

Netta Doran, owner

Online pr

Serving Israeli based customers

jeff molander review testimonial

You offer insights and experience I don't see coming from anyone else. I've followed others, but I'm sticking with you over the years.

Investing in my membership is valuable because you help me fortify my own product. You give good ideas about how to provoke curiosity. You also give contrarian views about how to sell more by selling less. I especially like your focus on what's working now. Unlike others you told me to keep changing my outreach... because buyers stop responding to 'tricks' they've seen overused. It's a constantly shifting game of cat and mouse.

David Vranicar, CEO

Redwell b2b

jeff molander testimonial spark selling academy

Within a week of working with you I got a positive reply from an unresponsive prospect I’d given up on. By combining my style with your provocations I'm engaging prospects wherever they are in the buying cycle. Thanks!

Julie Cohen, CEO


spark academy testimonial review

My customers receive 300+ emails per day. So all messages that don't strike them immediately as 'must deal with today' are erased or archived. Your principles of triggering curiosity and letting the prospect control the speed in which the conversation progresses works. I apply in my cold call scripts and also in warm calls and when I close.

Amit Ben-Raphael, Founder

CSO Projement Ltd.

Helping western companies work with Chinese factories directly.

spark academy review

I have been using the same subject line for a while now and seeing about 10% open rates. But since the workshop I've changed the subject to your suggestion and my open rate shot up to 75% and I’m earning replies. Clearly this is working. I had a phone call with a CEO that responded. It was an excellent conversation and we are going to talk again in November. At end of the call he spontaneously said ‘I never answer emails like this. I get hundreds. I responded because your email was warm, not a typical sales pitch... made me want to answer.’ I was stunned he just volunteered that. Your coaching has made a huge difference. Thank you!

Jayne Burch

Marketing Monsoon LLC

Marketing Services Provider.