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Rethink Your Sales philosophy

Spark Selling™ practitioners commit to changing both mindset and practices. 

It starts at the top. How you think dictates how you communicate. 

What is your sales philosophy? What's the foundation of your sales outreach practices?

Notice, below, how we commit to change -- then practice. Invent, iterate, test, optimize... repeat!

They are transforming. Are you?

spark selling case studies, case studies, spark selling
spark selling case studies, spark selling, cold email, email outreach, sales
spark selling case studies, spark selling, email outreach, cold email


spark selling case studies

Mike Mckenna - Core Scientific: Precious Metals Refinery

Collaboration led to introspection and philosophical change. Feeling excited, enthusiastic, and overall, better about how he's communicating....

spark selling case studies

Jeff Castle - Ambipar Response: Hazmat & bioremediation services

Transformed communication philosophy. Signed prospect (now client) on a large, 3 year framework agreement. Overall, the team is more confident, productive in their outreach... 

spark selling case studies

Netta Doran - B2B Strategy Consultant

Began matching messages' tone to the recipient's status. Earned 16 leads in 72 hours. Ultimately, identifying 77 "high quality" leads in their recent campaign (at $2.60 each)...

spark selling case studies

Feras Khalbuss - Mirus Digital: Digital Marketing

Changed every aspect of the business to revolve around curiosity. Seeing response rates north of 10x greater than last year's -- at a fraction of the sending volume. The team is more confident...

spark selling case studies

Fabrício Fujikawa - Univirtua Marketing Digital: Digital Marketing

Using fewer words and put himself in
prospects' shoes. Today he's more confident. Bottom line: clients are requesting meetings with him, rather than the other way around.

Transform how you communicate.

Persuasive strategies are killing sales outreach. There is a new way. 

Helping the persuadable to persuade themselves. It starts by sparking curiosity.

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