Spark Selling™ Academy

Engage Customers by

Sparking Curiosity

Engage customers in conversation

sales communication courses

Start cold discussions

Learn and practice a repeatable method to start & advance conversations from cold.

Engage warm leads 

Discover and practice a unconventional techniques to engage inbound leads and inactive customers using email, social media and more.

Facilitate Change

Engage customers online to challenge status quo and facilitate change. Best for complex B2B solution sales.

Spark Selling™ is for

Sales and communication skills

Business Owners

Begin and advance discussions with new and existing customers. Form deep relationships.

Sales communication skill training

Sales Reps

Start and forward discussions from cold -- or with warm leads supplied by marketing.


Replace conventional tactics & templates with curiosity-driven provocations. Innovate together.

Sales communication courses & coaching

sales communication courses

Quick Start

Rapidly learn Spark Selling basics. Transform your outreach to provoke customers' curiosity, engage.

Sales communication skill training

Deep Dive

Cement habits, prevent old ones from sabotaging. Apply behavioral science to engage customers in conversation using email, texting, voicemail and live customer touch points.

sales communication courses

Live Coaching Clinics

Participate in online sales coaching workshops. Jeff, and your colleagues, tear down and re-build under-performing messages... to spark curiosity & provoke conversations.

Membership also gives you...

sales communication training

Provocation Formulas

Immediate access to seven (7) of the latest provocation formulas in template format... ready to be customized and tested.

Get creative ways to engage customers using today's best practices.

Sales and communication skills

Community Forum

Learn from colleagues in a private Forum. Crash-test your messages in the Peer Review Group. Swipe emerging tactics & get inspired from colleagues. Hold others, and be held, accountable to improving!

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sales communication training

More Sales Communication Courses

Access multiple sales communication courses. Topics include: Pursuing Warm & Tradeshow Leads, Sequencing Cold messages, Following up After Meetings, How to Engage Customers on LinkedIn, Instagram and more! 

Sales effective communication

Proprietary Reports

Get insights on how to start conversation with customers you won't find anywhere else. Sourced from Jeff Molander's research and our community's innovations & experience.

sales communication courses

Member Huddles

Mastermind with members. Take new ideas from fellow members and apply them to your outreach challenges. Give critical feedback to colleagues in return.

sales communication courses

Searchable Workshop Archives

 Steal ideas from industry-specific, archived coaching clinics. Software, IT, networking, professional services, financial services, healthcare, recruiting, specialty products & more!

Members Speak

Communication skills for sales rep

I’ve gotten 5 positive responses and booked 3 meetings this week.

My newest version of the email sequence with a new subject line, “missing?” is working well. I’ve gotten 5 positive responses and booked 3 meetings this week. This is huge for me. I’m sure many of your students are getting better responses but for me, this is a breakthrough. Thank you for all you do and for sharing your wisdom with us.

Jayne Burch  //  Chief Growth Strategist - Marketing Monsoon

sales communication courses

We knew we had to stand out & create curiosity to get hands raised.

As my company launches a new offering, we found ourselves stuck for email copy. We knew we had to stand out & create curiosity to get hands raised. We didn’t want someone to just hand us the fish, but teach us how to fish. Thanks to the Spark principles we know our nets will be filled on a consistent basis.

Brynne Tillman  //  CEO - Social Sales Link

Communication skills for sales rep

It's so satisfying when meeting requests come from the other side

It's so satisfying when meeting requests come from the other side... there is pure science into not trying to make people do something; instead, leaving them a choice.

Daniel Gur Arie  //  DDoS Gladiator, Sales Rep. - Mazebolt Technologies

Sales communication process

The writing and psychology has shifted for me.

It's been a transformation. The writing and psychology has shifted for me. I was so bored with the way I was doing things. It was so stale and so salesy. But there's such power in the psychology of less is more... and building curiosity.

Mike Mckenna  //  Executive Director Corporate Development - Core Scientific.