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About us

A community of sales communication addicts

A practice focused community of sales communication addicts

sales communication strategy
Core Belief & Mission

We believe:

  • Success in life is determined by ability to effectively communicate.
  • A teacher must be a life-long student of students.
  • Best practices are weak, next (emerging) practices are strong.

We exist to facilitate the invention & practice of effective communication strategies. We transform average people into confident, skilled communicators.

Jeff Molander and the member community are addicted to understanding what makes people want to engage in meaningful conversations with strangers. We help our members get attention of decision-makers, spark their curiosity -- create and forward conversations and add 'high probability' opportunities to pipeline.

Philosophy & Manifesto

Persuasive strategies are killing sales outreach. There is a new way.

Helping the persuadable to persuade themselves.

We strive to be conscious of how we communicate, always with excellence in mind. Forming new habits is difficult. Thus, our members are committed to practicing behavioral science rooted in Servant Leadership.

Consider reviewing and signing our Manifesto. Get involved!

sales communication strategy
sales communication strategy
Our Members

Exceptional sales pros use exceptional tactics. Our members practice, and invent, innovative sales communication methods.

Our member community spans 44 countries, multiple languages and dozens of sectors. We are constantly creating, iterating and testing new outreach tactics. We house the wisdom of their collective experience.

We are ready to share emerging “next practices” with you.

Our Founding

sales communication strategy, spark selling, jeff molander

A minority of people refuse to be average communicators. We are the company they choose to acquire & practice exceptional skills. 

We don't have the answers. We have the process to get the answers.

Communications Edge Inc. was founded by Jeff Molander in 1997, serving sales & marketing professionals and small business owners. Jeff is a coach and creator of the Spark Selling™ communication methodology—a curiosity-driven way to start and advance conversations. When he's not working you'll find him hiking, fishing and with his family.

In 1999, Jeff co-founded what became the Google Affiliate Network and Performics Inc. where he helped secure 2 rounds of funding and built the sales team. He's been selling for over 2 decades.

The Team

Dante Fabro gives our customers and internal team everything needed to stay focused, on-task, effective and successful. He gives us an organizational, marketing & customer support edge.

He is experienced with LinkedIn, lead generation, copywriting, account management, minor email deliverability, customer service, web design, video editing, strategic development and technical support.

When he's not directly supporting others you'll find Dante facilitating discussions in our member Forum -- and provoking thought on CE's LinkedIn company page.

Problems we Solve

sales communication strategy
Confidently Engage

Whether you're targeting C/MD-level customers or mid-managers, apply Spark Selling™ to confidently engage.

sales communication strategy
Diagnose & Improve

Address weaknesses in messages to start & advance conversations.

sales communication strategy
Create A "Hunter" Culture

Once aware of self-defeating habits reps become confident due to new tactics & outcomes.

sales communication strategy
Protect Investments

Strengthen your existing investment in sales programs, processes and training. 

sales communication strategy
Know What's Provoking

Always know the latest, emerging conversation-starting tactics to provoke response.

sales communication strategy
Reinforce New Habits
New Habits

Early success feeds habit formation. Sellers do more of what works because it works!

sales communication strategy
Start Discussions At Scale

Send personalized message sequences at scale.

sales communication strategy
Protect Your Reputation

Send email using a safe sales communication strategy. Deliver messages at scale, without destroying reputation or taking unnecessary risk.

Why Communications Edge?

We are member driven. The Spark Selling™ Academy is a skill-focused, group practice. We're an innovation lab.

We do not sell a program. We teach and practice skills.

Members draw practical wisdom from a community of sales communication researchers and practitioners. We are life-long learners dedicated to practicing, and inventing, innovative ways to communicate.

You may be familiar with Sandler, Challenger, SPIN Selling, MEDDIC, Value Selling or others. Spark complements them all. Effectively communicating with decision-makers strengthens—does not replace—your process. Customers dubbed our methodology Spark Selling™ because it focuses on sparking customers' curiosity.

The Spark Selling™ Academy is for you if you want to: 

  • Start thinking differently about sales
  • Eliminate weak thinking & habits
  • Be held accountable to improve
  • Practice with colleagues

A Personal Note

Committing to a "New You" means you won't be attached to desires, nor take rejection personally. You'll never try to convince anyone of anything. Yet you'll stand out, be influential, magnetic. You will be conscious of poor sales communication habits and maintain self-awareness in order to succeed. You will become a student of behavioral science which explains and helps you stay on track.

You'll be more AWARE of...

  • Reality: You're blending in with noise, presenting in a selfish manner.
  • A preference to cling to old views rather than grapple with new ones.
  • Communicating “I’m here to help” is why people are hearing “I’m here to sell."

You will be open to making sweeping changes and becoming vulnerable during the process. You'll be willing to consider the facts may have changed -- what was once right may now be wrong.

You'll realize letting go of old ways doesn’t mean losing a part of yourself -- it means gaining. You will not trick yourself into believing comfortable thoughts. You will put faith in different mindset founded on proven, Universal Truths. You will learn and begin doing what you learn to gain confidence.

And you'll carry the message to others.

With Your Success in mind,