Why Curiosity?

Your 'education' & insights are insincere ploys -- designed to sell.
Persuasion PUSHES. Curiosity pulls.
It has no agenda.

spark selling, spark selling methodology, sales outreach

You don't see this.

Too often, customers experience “I’m here to help” as "I'm here to sell." Experiencing this pattern creates distrust.

You may not see it. But they do. It's your blind spot.

Outdated, persuasive strategies are killing brands.

The sales outreach game has changed

spark selling, spark selling methodology, sales outreach

It's not your script/template.

It's how you think about communicating.

A template is a tool. Just like a circular saw. Your results with the saw are nowhere near a carpenter's. The tool isn't the issue. Lack of competence is.

Email templates and phone scripts aren't the issue. Not understanding Spark Selling™ Methodology and why some words pull, while others push away, is.

spark selling, spark selling methodology, sales outreach

Prospects will persuade themselves.

People value more what they ask for -- less what is offered. Persuasion is a push. Curiosity pulls.

The key to engaging customers is helping them want to begin persuading themselves -- by getting them curious.

Pulling, creating intrigue.

The new game: Sparking Selling™

Spark Selling is...

  • An unconventional, yet enjoyable, way to start, re-start and advance conversations.
  • A set of communication principles & tactics wherein words spark curiosity in prospects.
  • Applied across email, telephone, social media, voicemail and client meetings.
  • Beneficial regardless of your specific goal, target market/ICP or existing sales process.
  • A “living” practice being continually innovated, globally across 44 countries & business cultures.

Practicing how to communicate effectively in sales will...

  • Boost confidence because it’s a reliable, repeatable, fun way to start conversations.
  • Improve email and voicemail response, engagement, KPIs and meeting set rates.
  • Create more and higher quality pipeline/leads/meetings in less time.
  • Create competitive distinction and help sellers stand out from the noise.
  • Boost effectiveness of outreach efforts by strengthening copywriting, cadences & scripts.
  • Convert objections into opportunities using mental triggers and behavioral science.
  • Reveal emerging (new) conversation-starting “next practices” vetted by a community.

Apply it in...

  • Cold sales prospecting (email, phone, social)
  • Highly targeted (C-suite) and large scale (business development) outreach
  • Message sequencing & cadences
  • Trade show leads & meetings (pre and post)
  • Warm lead re-approach & referral tactics
  • Demand generation & sales enablement

It's used by...

  • Small business owners
  • Account executives, Sales/Biz Dev reps & teams 
  • Marketing teams
  • Job seekers & recruiters
  • Verticals including: IT & network security, software/SaaS, financial services, healthcare, real estate, professional services, retail and more.

Transforming Communicators

Transforming Communicators

spark selling, spark selling methodology, sales outreach

Why limit curiosity to outreach -- when you can make the business more intriguing too?

We are seeing a pattern of intrigued response rates north of 10x greater than last year's while sending a fraction of the volume of messages comparatively.

We are finally confident cold outreach can be a scalable part of our sales process, while maintaining brand integrity.


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