Conversation-starting specialists

A practice, not a 'program.'

In the past, you were forced to choose which sales guru to follow. This one person used to be a sales rep -- years ago -- for a well known brand. Today, he/she has a "program" to buy. 

Now you have a choice.

We are a community of thousands of researchers and practitioners. We don’t tell you "Do this because it worked for me -- back when I used to sell.” 

We say, “Try this tactic. It is starting conversations for sellers in your industry -- right now.”

We teach a skill set: Vetted, effective techniques that start conversations. Often, within your existing process.

You may be committed to Sandler, Challenger, SPIN Selling, MEDDIC, Value Selling or others. Effectively communicating with decision-makers strengthens—does not replace—your process. Our customers dubbed the methodology Spark Selling because of it's focus on sparking customers' curiosity.  

Community-sourced tactics.

Tired of following advice of self-appointed expert gurus? Sick of all the bad advice sourced on Google?

The only source of "what's working lately to start conversations" is experience. So we constantly study and accumulate the experiences of our customers across the globe, in various industries.

We co-create effective conversation-starting tactics inside our private community. Let us share these emerging “next practices” with you. 

How we're different.

  1. Communication specialistsMost sales training firms focus on sales or lead qualification process. Instead, we examine your process and strengthen communication tactics within it.
  2. What's working, right now. Exceptional sales pros use exceptional tactics. You can now access these current, vetted conversation-starting methods. Our customer community spans 44 countries, multiple languages and dozens of sectors. They're constantly creating and testing effective tactics. You get access to their collective experience.
  3. It's all we do. Developing better ways to start and advance conversations is all we do.  We study and learn from our customers. 

Are we a fit?

If you believe a seller's success is driven by his/her ability to communicate effectively with decision-makers, yes.

If you agree and seek current, proven conversation-starting tactics we should talk. Because starting and advancing conversations with customers demands your reps enjoy prospecting. They need "conversational confidence." They need exceptional communication skills.

We help sellers confidently separate out from noise, engage and earn conversations—faster.

A minority of sales & marketing teams refuse to be average communicators. We are the company they choose to strengthen communication skills.

If you continue doing what you are doing ... you will continue getting the results you get. Guaranteed. Consider how powerful it will be to have insight on what's starting conversations now. 

Give your team the ability to start and facilitate more (and better) conversations. Give them a provocative, curiosity-driven mental trigger technique. All while discovering internal prospecting best practices, making your team even stronger.

Work with us. Let your team draw on the collective experiences of our clients. What works today, may not work tomorrow. We are constantly updating the techniques we coach and teach. 

A few of our clients include: