A better way to start conversations with decision-makers.

What Spark Sellingtm is and what it will do for you.

Spark Sellingtm is...

  • An unconventional, enjoyable way to start, re-start and advance conversations, faster.
  • A set of communication principles & tactics wherein words spark curiosity in prospects.
  • Applied across email, telephone, social media, voicemail and client meetings. 
  • Beneficial regardless of your specific goal, target market/ICP or existing sales process.
  • A “living” methodology being practiced globally across 44 countries & business cultures.

Practicing Spark Sellingtm will...

  • Boost confidence because it’s a reliable, repeatable, fun way to start conversations.
  • Improve email and voicemail response, engagement, KPIs and meeting set rates.
  • Create more and higher quality pipeline/leads/meetings in less time.
  • Create competitive distinction and help sellers stand out from the noise.
  • Boost effectiveness of outreach efforts by strengthening copywriting, cadences & scripts.
  • Convert objections into opportunities using mental triggers and behavioral science.
  • Reveal emerging (new) conversation-starting “next practices” vetted by a community.

It's used by...

  • Inside sales reps & teams (BDR/SDR/BDE/BDC reps)
  • Marketing teams
  • Job seekers & recruiters
  • Verticals including: IT & network security, software/SaaS, financial services, healthcare, real estate, professional services, retail and more.
  • Apply it in...

    • Cold sales prospecting (email, phone, social)
    • Highly targeted (C-suite) and large scale (business development) outreach
    • Message sequencing & cadences
    • Trade show leads & meetings (pre and post)
    • Warm lead re-approach & referral tactics
    • Demand generation & sales enablement

    Our Members Speak

    Nick jiwa

    CEO, Customerserv usa

    At first I was skeptical. I’ve hired a lot of consultants. Communications Edge is the first to grasp my business and target buyer. My team is applying Spark Selling across all areas of customer interaction. Results have been tremendous as we call on Fortune 500 call center executives.

    kevin casey


    cal legrow insurance

    What I appreciate about Communications Edge Inc. is that their approach is principle based -- versus low IQ swipes and tactics that expire faster than the milk in my fridge.

    jeff castle

    bus. dev leader

    ambipar response

    Communications Edge's (and the community's) tough love caused me to change. it was painful. Once the results came I realized -- I would no longer be “that guy” and neither would my team!

    Lucy Merrick

    account exe. Modulr

    I’ve doubled my response rate thanks to Communications Edge's coaching. It’s at 80% now. I’m adjusting to talk less about us and more about the customer… especially focusing on competitors. This is a bit more conversational and less salesy. I never ask for a meeting straight away and this is also helping.

    Jayne Burch

    I have been using the same subject line for a while now and seeing about 10% open rates. But since the workshop I've changed the subject to Communications-Edge's suggestions and my open rate shot up to 75% and I’m earning replies. Clearly this is working. I had a phone call with a CEO that responded. It was an excellent conversation and we are going to talk again in November. At end of the call he spontaneously said ‘I never answer emails like this. I get hundreds. I responded because your email was not a typical sales pitch... made me want to answer.’ I was stunned he just volunteered that. The coaching has made a huge difference. Thank you!

    Chief Growth Strategist, Marketing Monsoon

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