Persuasion is dead.

Persuasive strategies are killing sales outreach. Helping potential buyers begin to convince themselves is the way forward. Curiosity is the key.

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Why Curiosity

Sellers aren't  trusted.

Customers ignore sales outreach -- even when they do need help. Because they hate persuasive outreach messages. They experience “I’m here to help” as "I'm here to sell."

This repeated (spammy) pattern creates distrust. You don't see it. But they do. It's a blind spot. Persuasive sales communication messages push customers away.

There is a new way to pull, attract.

Let go of the wheel.

There is a way to help busy people start the journey of convincing themselves to buy -- or not. The first step is provoking curiosity.

Consider: Humans value more what they ask for -- less what is freely offered. Provoking curiosity helps them want to ask. 

The rest is allowing people to discover their own reasons to explore with you. This eliminates the need to sell.

Curiosity has no agenda.

Are you the problem?

What is your understanding -- of the difference between persuading and helping someone persuade themselves? Might your words be negatively triggering prospects? Do they see your email, voicemail or LinkedIn template as selfish, needy or condescending -- when your intent is pure and helpful?

Are you pushing them away -- rather than pulling them closer?

The alternative to persuading in sales outreach is helping people convince themselves.

Transform yourself and...

Overcome customers' disinterest.

Engage  using social media.

Get asked to go forward by sparking curiosity.

Earn respect by presenting as an equal.

Help people convince themselves, rather than try to persuade.

Present choice rather than calls-to-action.

Foster introspection to provoke conversations.

Say less and get more attention.

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Diagnose & treat your messaging.