Proven. Effective. Repeatable.

A prospecting methodology to spark buyers curiosity.

Field & inside sellers will

  • Embrace prospecting because they'll be better at cold-starting & qualifying discussions
  • Start & facilitate conversations using current tactics that work right now
  • Execute provocative cold email, voicemail and call scripts that feel great and start conversations
  • Prospect new clients using a science-driven technique tailored to their specific selling challenge
  • angle-right
    Set optimal follow-up cadence using voicemail, email, LinkedIn/social etc.
  • angle-right
    Book better meetings, not just more
  • angle-right
    Learn to facilitate the buying process, not just engage in self-talk

This gives you:

  • Up-to-date prospecting best practices from outside the organization---based on experience, not theory!
  • Lower cost of sales, lower rep turnover ... a way to keep reps happy and productive 
  • Fatter sales pipeline & more accurate forecasts
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    A proprietary sales prospecting methodology that never goes out of date and can be measured
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    A fully accountable sales training investment

Clinic environment

Our coaches have decades of experience delivering hands-on, clinic-style communication technique workshops. This "diagnosis and treatment" approach is proven effective at helping sellers:

  • Understand weaknesses as being common and fixable
  • Uncover previously hidden (existing) strengths & exploit them
  • Find new ways to sharpen already sharp tools/skills even more
  • angle-right
    Visualize how current use of words may be sabotaging them tactically (emails, call scripts, voicemails, etc.) 
  • angle-right
    Pivot to strengthen their approach in ways that work, have integrity and feel great
  • angle-right
    Learn from each other

Let's develop a customized, private training and/or coaching curriculum specific to your situation.

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