We transform:

Account executives & managers

Sales engineers

Demand generation managers

Head of sales

Inside sales reps (ISR, BDR, SDR etc.)

Sales enablement leaders

Lead generation managers

CEOs & business owners

Field sales professionals

Sales readiness leaders

Chief marketing & revenue officers

My outreaches went from 25% response to 80%

Jeff, I would not have invested if I had not been convinced you were not a charlatan. I tried other sales training and have been very disappointed. Even from relatively well-known people.

Pablo Levi, Juran Benchmarking, UK

First to grasp my business and target buyer

I’ve hired a lot of consultants. You are the first to grasp my business and target buyer. My team is applying Spark Selling across all areas of customer interaction. Results have been tremendous as we call on Fortune 500 call center executives.

Nick Jiwa, CEO, CustomerServ, USA

Both wrote back in 20 minutes

Jeff, I had two clients go radio silent on me. Sent two emails using your method this morning. Both write back within 20 minutes.

I'm ready to learn more!

Jim Edholm, Founder, Business Benefits Inc.

A few of our clients include:

David Vey, Account Exec.

I need to get into the C-suite on a regular basis. My new technique is giving me about an 80% email reply rate.

Massood Zarrabian, CEO

My team is enjoying prospecting. It’s not seen as a chore anymore. They are much more productive thanks to their newfound technique. They're getting more and better responses from buyers when cold prospecting.

Laura Goldberg, Broker
Real Estate Hospitality Group

When it came time to decide which program to invest in I hesitated. There are many sales training programs online. Yours stood out because Communications Edge isn't just some blogger providing templates. You are providing roadmaps to success – based on what's currently working. I tested one of your follow-up methods and it worked immediately. 

Mike Shine, VP Sales

My new conversation-starting skills doubled my qualified meetings. I'm getting more response from prospects thanks to my new habit... not asking for meetings in the first email.

Michael Lake, SVP Marketing
& Business Dev.

I sent cold email template you suggested to 176 senior managers in the Fortune 500. 83 opened it (47%) ... We completely booked-up our time at an important trade show with appointments—even started working a deal before the show. Thanks for the honest cold email review, Jeff.

Evergreen Partners

Kristen Wilson
Sr. Dir. Demand Generation

Within a few weeks of coaching my whole marketing & demand gen team is writing stronger, more provocative copy. We are becoming customer-centric writers.

Adam Breitenstein
Ecommerce Sales Dir.

Our previous reply rate from inbound leads was 4.59%. Now, it's averaging 35%. That's a 700% increase, and we haven't peaked yet. Soon we’re implementing phone calls and voicemails to go higher. My goal is 80% open and 50% plus reply rates. I'm confident we're going to do it. It all started with your fresh, new tactics Jeff. Thanks. 

Rick Stefany Sr.
Co-founder, SVP Biz. Dev.

The training session you had with my team is yielding appointments with clients we had stuck in log jams. Really appreciate it. Your wordsmithing our existing scripts to be more succinct and impactful is proving to be a wise investment. We thank you for contributing to that. Communications Edge has a permanent place as a valued partner in i-Path’s selling strategy. I look forward to continuing the momentum into a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Brad Freels, Account Executive

My follow-up email response rate went from 20% to 80%.

This is a simple technique to get response from prospects ... to move toward closing faster.

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